Author Topic: Having a Big Butt May Be Good for Your Health Ladys  (Read 2382 times)


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Having a Big Butt May Be Good for Your Health Ladys
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Having a Big Butt May Be Good for Your Health Ladys

According to Fela Kuti, in the Nigerian Oyibo created “craze world” if you no get “particulars” you go enter but in the true African world if you are a woman with “particulars” you go “enter”. We all know about the African man’s fixation with pear shaped “full figured” women. But this is not merely an African man’s fixation but an African cultural preoccupation with fertility and its symbols.

Some people think the Hiphop obsession with “rump shakers” is new. Anybody recall Teddy Riley and Wrecks-n-Effect ‘s  “rump shaker” way back in the 1990s – “all I wanna do is put my zoom zoom zoom on your boom boom” . Actually I have seen more “rump shaking” in traditional African dance compared to the stuff in the “entertainment” media.

Most of what people see on “Black Entertainment” TeeVee is tame compared to what traditional Nembe women call “Iworoko” dance. Owerri, Ikwere and many other people around igbo land understand the cosmic relevance of “avu” or “egwu ukwu” or “waist dance”.

In ancient times in Africa, “fertility” Deities are always appeased, men are mesmerized and ensnared through those “waist” dances. I know a few friends that “dumbed out”, turned against friends and family to appease a “big butt and a smile” or frown.

Anyhow, it seems that the “rump” is not only an aesthetic magnet for the initiated but recent research suggests that it might actually have health benefits according to Dr. Ronald Kahn at Harvard University. My point? Ancient Africans always have a way of emphasizing subtle truths.

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