Author Topic: Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt by Suzi Parker  (Read 2716 times)


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Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt by Suzi Parker
« on: August 19, 2008, 12:39:33 AM »
Years ago, while in class 2 in GSSO, I discovered the fiery passionate side of a Scripture Union (SU) sister. She was so good I converted into SU as a way of getting the \"goods\". Like every one else, I used to believe the illusion that the Church was a place devoid of sex due to the usual rhetoric of \"sin\" and \"iniquity\". But then, like an oasis in the desert, I discovered that away from prying eyes, the most outwardly prudish are usually the most likely to be \"freaks\".

What they demand is that you keep your mouth shot. It didn\'t take me long to transform myself into a \"devoted\" member of the Church with my \"pencil\" trousers and Jehovah\'s Witness jacket. Some where laughing at me then... but of course they didn\'t know that my nights were filled with stuff they can only dream about.

Again, I must emphasize the fact that some of those SU sisters were sincere in their beliefs and weren\'t simply covering up their acts by using the Church as a cloak of convenience. With hindsight, I just think that those sisters were human beings with sexualities that were so intense they figured it needed divine intervention. However, what they Church did was to intensify these outlandish sexualities by compounding it with guilt and fear - an explosive mixture!

In other words, these were naive women trapped between an inherited biological disposition they weren\'t equipped to understand and an organization that gave those biological disposition almost an extraterrestrial power by further mystifying those tendencies. What results from this is a violent and schizophrenic swing between two extreme - obvious denial/flagellation and a sensual abandon that is rare amongst regular folks. It was an eye opening experience but one I will recommend to the grown folks out there.

In short, what I discovered at that early stage in my life is that, the short skirt, flirtatious type, often labeled \"bad girls\" are mostly empty. The sort that try so hard to put their innate passions in chains through divine intervention are in fact loaded and charged with the sort of passion many naija men dream about. This brings me to Suzi Parker\'s folkish book \"Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt\".

Want to know what\'s happening beneath all that passionate \"fox news\" preoccupation with \"sins of the flesh\"? Read on... \"Catching Southerners with Their Pants Down: An Interview with Suzi Parker\"