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Who amonmg us here dabbles in the stock market?  If you do, watch the following stocks:

Research in motion, Ltd. RIMM $83.00/share
Lehman Bros Holdings, Inc.  LEH $96.00/share
Aple Computer, Inc. AAPL $42.50/share
Inter Tel, Inc. INTL $26.00/share.

Speaking about shares, i was thinking of buying a couple of shares, but i dont have time to sit on my PC and watch the stock market fall and rise. i dont even understand what the are doing, I took an accounting class about common stock, preferred stock, etc. I hated that topic, but i understand the make alot of money trading stocks etc. I could immagine them big guys in wall street all suited up.

One has to be careful to know when to dump the stocks etc. you really have to be on the look out else you\'ll loose a lot of money.

You are right, Susia.  The stock market is not a risk free market.  Then again, what is?  People have been known to choke drinking water.

There are simple rules that can make stock trading fun.  Once you get those rules down, you\'ll do just fine.  You don\'t have to sit on your computer all day to watch the market, unless you are a day trader.  If don\'t have a lot of time, you can be a swing, intermiddiate, or long term trader.

What you don\'t wanna do is have your job deduct a certain amount from your pay check to invest for you.  You also don\'t wanna have a prokarage firm trade for you.  Just make sure you do your own trading. The stock broker has a billion clients worldwide; you are nothing to them, contrary to what they claim.

If you do your own trading, you dump your stock when that stock is tanking.  Also, depending on how much you wanna put up, you can make money trading a stock that is going down.  It\'s called short trading.  Believe me, it\'s fun.

@ Prince, when you mean job invest for you, is that similiar to 401K Plan or the Thrift savings plan? or Is that something different. cos I know in the 401K Plan and Thrift savings Plan, your money is kept in a risk free market( where you are gauarnteed your money regardless of the stock market) but you can gamble with ur money and spread it all over. Spreading it over is very risky but has a greater rate of return. Again the fund where the employer dumps your fund doesn\'t really fetch you a significant rate of return as opposed to other risky fund. Like i said its a gamble. I dont know if this is what you meant.
The brokers dont give a ratass about anyone. they have billions and billions of clients and make alotta of $$$$$ on each transactions. You will not imagine how much the make on each transaction they put through. Go to Wall Street at 9.00am and see what going on there. meeeeen its crazy!!!!.
I dont mind  investing a couple $$$$ but i have to actually do a research in the company for over a period of years, study the Financial statements,  the Earnings per share on the company, Cash flows etc. It really a lotta work. Will not throw my money into anykind of company. I heard HomeDepot, Microsoft are good companies to invest. Have you heard about Taser, its a good company that i have been watching for a while now.

That reminds me Martha Stewart is back from her Vacation.

I love the energy stocks especially Oil (crude). Although the are highly priced, i see it peaking to over $70 over the next two years due to increased demand from the US, China, et al.

However, I will personally wait for it to drop to about $50 a barrel before buying.

Historically, there is a higher demand during the summer months (hot weather) and winter months depending on its severity.

These are recommendation... don\'t go loose money and blame me. However, if someone gets richer of my tips, do no hesitate to mail my check


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