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Crude oil prices are still cheap if inflation is taken into account. From what i understand, if adjusted, we should be seeing $90/barrel prices for crude.

Imagine paying $4.50/gallon at the pump

Susia, I don\'t know the inner working of the job thing,  I know people whose paychecks are lessened by these programs and they don\'t seem happy about it.  If the yeilds of such programs are satisfactory, one might think of something else.

As I said before, all life is a gamble; to win it, you\'ve got to be in it.  You know what Nike said, \"Just do it.\"

Okey, damn straight, oil is gonna do some stuff.  However, the $90/barrel might seem a little far fetched, but not impossible, given the present trend.  I made quite a few cents on Exxon Mobil (XOM).  I dumped it at its height and now, I\'m waiting to see how low it will go.

The thing is, the higher the price of oil, the more grounds these highbree cars gain.  They are all over here in the Wash., DC area.  I think that the price of oil is driven, not for its shortage, but the fear of disruption by the Iraqi insurgency.

China is not helping matters.  Let\'s wait and see.

i meant $90/barrel should be the actual price of oil if inflation  is factored in. Such as the value of the dollar in 1970 when compared to today

--- Quote ---Oil is 50 percent more expensive than a year ago but still well below the inflation-adjusted peak above $90 a barrel set in 1980
--- End quote ---

However, oil over the next two year i see peaking at about  $70/barrel.

These high oil prices are good for Nigeria. But the more money the get into their hands, the more corrupt the official become.

Alright, I got you.  I got thrown there for a moment.  I was gonna buy a bicycle if oil tended towards $90.  I probably would buy a few pairs of tire slippers and sandals, too, if that happened.

Part of the reason that oil prices have gone higher are fears about a Nigerian oil strike. Nigerian workers are threatening a three-day strike, why? They need the oil companies to stop using casual (part-time) workers.


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