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CNBC showcases Nigeria to the world

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--- Quote ---CNBC showcases Nigeria to the world
By Aaron Ukodie: IT Telecom Editor

In a major move to sway investments in favour of Nigeria, Europe-based Corporate National Broadcasting Channel (CNBC) is currently in the country to package the Federal Government?s efforts and programmes and showcase them to the international community.

The aim of the project, which is endorsed by the Presidency, is to turn the attention of foreign investors to Nigeria, presently described as the new investors? bride of Africa, and to present her as a safe haven for investment.  
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I would love to see this program, they are actually interviewing Obasanjo, Obsanjo that was an embarrassment the last time I saw him visit the US. He had given an interview with one of the USs\' Secretaries, and his answers were so bogus, with no tangible explanation. Something like he is asked (Not exactly, just giving a parallel exmaple), \"President Obasanjo, how do you intend to solve the oil problem in your country?\"
Obj: We will solve it, don\'t worry about it, it will take some time but we will solve it.
That is how inarticulate and stupid our president sounds.

Aaaaaaah!  If you think this visit was embarrassing, you should have seen him when he visited the US, as the Head of Nigerian Military Government.  Then, Mr Jimmy Carter was President.

When it came time for him to speak, he was so nervous, he was shaking.  President Carter had to come to his side and hold him.  It was past embarrassment; it was shameful.

I guess yall didn\'t listen to him in October when he came to DC and was interviewed with Bush. I had pple calling ma phone telling me to turn to CNN that my Presido was killing the USA with his bombs( english) unfortunately i was at work and cld not see it but trust the media and repetition , i was able to catch it later on in the day........... PHEW!!!!!!!!!!

That\'s a President you ought to be proud of.  It reminds me of when Bush told a bunch of school kids that \"you don\'t have to be smart to be a President.\"  And he actually said, \"Look at me.\" Words of wisdom, ain\'t they?


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