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Virgin Nigeria will become Africa?s pride

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--- Quote ---Virgin Atlantic Airways has said it was determined to help build Virgin Nigeria Airways, Nigeria?s new nation carrier, to become a credible world class airline.
Unveiling the global carrier?s plans in Bombay, India, Virgin?s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Branson said it would make Virgin Nigeria the pride of Africa.

Branson said Virgin Atlantic had laid out aggressive plans in many international markets, including the US, India, Nigeria and the Bahamas.

He said Virgin Atlantic would also help build a national airline for Nigeria.

?Nigeria, which is one of the largest oil producers, does not have a national airline and we will help build it. An airline that would be best in Africa and make the Africans proud,? he said.
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for more ont his story:

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think Nigeria has finally secured it national carrier?

Anything Sir Branson has touched has basically turned to gold, he started his business from scratch and look where he is, what with Virgin Mobile and all his other companies. But this is NIgeria, I will keep my fingers crossed, that this plan of his materializes. As long as he keeps thr running of this airline to himself he will be fine, but if he were to mistakenly give the management over to a Nigerian, sorry to say, but it\'ll only be a matter of time before the whole thing turns into OKada air.


--- Quote ---PENDING the conclusion of arrangements for its international operations, Virgin Nigeria, the nation\'s flag carrier may begin test flights on domestic routes on Monday. advertisement
The airline, The Guardian learnt, will first operate to Abuja and Port Harcourt from Lagos before it expands operations to other parts of the country
--- End quote ---

Hbunnie ur right, anything that works well in other countries has a reason not to work in nig. I hope this virgin Atlantic thing works. It will not be a crime for us  to have direct flights from nig to the US. Its cheaper and shorter that way we dont have to travel the whole world before getting to nig or coming to the US. Moreso, they will start with new or durable airplanes that wont break down every now and then thereby keeping passengers stranded or even endangering their lives. The last time I was in nig I vowed never to fly any nig airline after me and my cousin nearly died of heart attack after a trip from PH to lagos aboard nig airways.

Sly, where u fly Nigerian Airways? u know when Nigerian airways fly last? it was decades ago.


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