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Characteristics of Nigerian Girls

Hausa Girls are pretentious sex-maniacs, they can be quite
innovative in bed, they start having sex at a very tender age of
12. They are warm and receptive, and can be quite reserved.

Yoruba Girls- they are known for their striking physical anatomy, i.e, big and massive backside (actually quite ?able O.O), particularly when they are married, they also have the reputation of loving money to death, have no respect for the institution called marriage, have a record of dating more than two guys at a time, love sex but don\'t like
talking about it nor admit it, can be great in bed particularly the Ondo\'s! Can be very nice, warm, and receptive particularly when the money is there! They believe so much in charms for physical stability, and are quite exposed!

Delta-Girls- they are quite naive, backward, and local as regards society and style, they love sex, particularly, those from Agbor! they have a lot of respect for the marriage institution!

Edo girls- they are all prostitutes, and very diabolical and dangerous, particularly those from the Benin kingdom, they can do anything for money.

The Igbos- are quite educated, industrious, and has respect for the marriage institution. They have a ridiculously high bride price, Love sex with one partner, but can be very tribalistic!

Calabar girls- are the best! they are explosive with sex, cook excellently, knows how to take care of their men, but are nymphomaniacs, will do or go any where else to satisfy their sexual urge, and they are not always very good looking! (Like I care O.O)

Middle belt- particularly those from Benue state, they love sex, and do not see anything wrong with a woman sleeping with her husbands best friend! They love the bar and pepper-soup life. Can be the best women to have around when the money is rolling in!


Hausa Girls: Livestock ownership is preferred over raw cash or MasterCard when it comes to acquisition!

Yoruba Girls: The exclusion of the Ijebus is an insult to the
above mentioned love of moola! And Lagos girls (and I mean in the thick
and thin of the REAL LAGOS and not dat yeye VI!) can roll yansh faster
 than the best trained \'Akata Stripper\' once spraying starts for party!

 Delta Babes: Yeah they may be backwards...until they cross the
 border into Lagos and leave their Armed Robber Boyfriends behind!

Edo Gboyen: Bobo wey gi am bad sex risks juju-induced Prick-
Killing charmination as they easily get pissed off when \"showtime\" lasts
 less time than it takes to smoke siga!

 Igbo Woman: Donate a standing fan, 13-inch Black & White TV and an
 Akai Radiogram to im face-2-face apt...+ offer to send im little
 broda go Okrikah Training and that tribalistic crap disappears
into thin air!

 Calabar Babe: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! If U realise U\'re out of
 Burantashi the moment she starts downing her second bottle of Big
 Stout U better RUN!!!!!!!!! Trust me...Olimpik \"Marathon\" aint got
 NADA on them O! (E gba mi ke!!! OO)

 Middle Belt: be dem National Geografik dey show dey waka
 about NAKED? Shu..screw the Nude Beaches of Jamaica....GIDI HERE I

Characteristics of Nigerian Guys

Hausa guys have long d***s. I mean long enough serve as a half
 sized third leg. Their size is their only sexual asset in their
 favour. They have the tendency to satisfy women primarily based on
 their dick size. Their first sexual experiences are often with
men. Hence, their love for small boys. They can be found particularly
 attractive but their homosexual tendencies kills whatever high
 stakes they could have had with the opposite sex.

 Yoruba guys- They brag too much giving the women such high
 expectations of them in terms of wealth and sexual performance.
The end result is often disappointment as they neither have money nor
the good looks to compensate. The term \'\'One minute man\' was
formed with a Yoruba man in mind. To make matters worse they are
 unfaithful to their partners. Thus, making 2/3 women unhappy with
 their sexual performance at the same time. They however are often
 blessed with a striking physical anatomy, i.e, rock hard ass. They
 will very often be found offering money to mistresses while their
 hard working very often Yoruba spouses bear the brunt of their
 lavish lifestyle.

Delta-guys- are fine! their often dare-devil rugged looks secure
 them a \'take-away\' babe after any party. What they lack in style
and wealth, they compensate in charm. Their sexual diversity and
 liberal attitude to sex scores them points particularly those from
 Warri! Dating 1 or 3 girls at the same time is deemed normal to
them as they do not know any different. They have a no respect for the
 marriage institution! They give good \'agbari\'! (see \"glossary\"!)

Edo guys- they are all pimps some are even prostitutes! Those that
aren\'t are the fore fathers of 419. They are very diabolical and
dangerous, particularly those from the Benin kingdom, they can do
anything for money including killing. The village native-doctor is
always a very close friend abi I dey lie?.

Igbo guys - are quite industrious, however, they often forfeit a
formal education in their grave pursuit for material wealth. Their
calculative nature means they are not adventurous sexually. They
believe \'giving head\' to their woman is a taboo against the law of
the land. They love their mothers. So expect that his mother would
live in his family home and she will probably do the cooking as
well. Although they have respect for the marriage institution in
terms of taking financial and emotional care of their wives, they
are still cheats and will not be confronted by anyone about it.

Calabar guys- are the laziest! Although they have have big dicks.
 Their laziness extends to \'getting it up\'. Hence, the reason why
 their women are often out there looking for someone else to
satisfy their sexual urges. Their dicks although thick may be short.


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Characteristics of Nigerian Girls/Characteristics of Nigeria
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Characteristics of Nigerian Girls/Characteristics of Nigeria
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hmm...interesting. wondering who the author of this is.
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this is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Characteristics of Nigerian Girls/Characteristics of Nigeria
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How can one person know all this?  8O :twisted:
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Characteristics of Nigerian Girls/Characteristics of Nigeria
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Characteristics of Nigerian Girls/Characteristics of Nigeria
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tpo much generalization, some might be right but can not apply to everybody..calabar guys are not lazy and i know quite a few and it seems like whoever wrote this is a bit biased infavor of igbo people........
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