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The story of an ANT in a heap...
« on: July 16, 2006, 05:10:52 AM »
Well, welcome to a little bit more expression. Stories that follow are those of mine, people I know, and books as far as I can remember their (my) stories.

If you read this story and know it was yours, please pretend not to know or I\'ll have to edit out the part if you don\'t agree.  Here are the stories:.


I was 7 years old and she was around the same age. She was my friend. Our parents are even friends. But she was not the kind of friend I wanted to hang out with a lot. She\'s too expressive or wild for my liking. That did not stop me from being her friend. After grade 3, I no longer was close as friend. I did not care much to know her whereabout either.

Six years passed by and I never saw nor talked to her as far as I remember. Next time I saw her was when she transferred to my school. I wondered what is this. Things have changed or should I say \"worsened\". She was no longer a friend. The signs of wildness I saw as a kid have grown into full moon. I did not know how to make her understand.

What made it worse was that she was drawing too much attention from men. No problem to have men interested, but you are still young, too young, for the age of those guys surrounding you. The gap between us grew too big that it was very difficult to talk to you not to talk off making you listen.

Well, I finished my highschool and went on complete different ways. I never had you in mind but I sure remember your name and who you were the last time I saw you. Unfortunately, the next time I heard about you, my parents said you were dead. It hit me like a rock. Why? Was I in love with you?  No, absolutely not; that, I was sure of...I never even had the thought nor understood love.  But that aside, it was the manner of death that made me feel bitter.

In a sense, one could say I saw this coming. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the signs. A simple meditation and sincere thought about life would have made this obvious. The men surrounding you, some way older as you were still a teenager, obviously did not have your best interest at heart. They lusted after your body but that was it. Did they care about your career or who you\'ll like to be in the future? No.  How bad can it get for your guardians to publicly condemn this - being caught with older men all over you.

And so it was that you got pregnant at a teenage age. None of the men took responsibility as expected of selfish people. Then, I\'m sure, you knew that they truly didn\'t love you. You were sent to an incompetent place (they called hospital) for child birth and you died during birth. Oh, how sad...why I must know this sad story, I do not know. Nevertheless, I ask that your soul rest in peace. You were still my friend and I bet if I knew more about love and had more courage, I would have done something more tangible to help remove this situation

"Incline Thy ear, O Lord, and hear me: for I am needy and poor" -- Psalm lxxxv. 1


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The story of an ANT in a heap...
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