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1) This site is created for viewing by the general public, both adults and young ones. As such, vulgar or foul words are not allowed on this site. Along the same line, pictures showing or suggesting indecent exposures (for example, pornography) are not allowed.

2) Personal attack of people?s character is not allowed. No individual is above this rule. If you are defamed by name callings or feel so, report the problem to the administrators. You are not allowed to take matters into your hands. We encourage positive atmosphere and friendship, though there could be difference in opinions.

3) Anonymous posts on the guestbook are strongly discouraged, although the user is allowed to post as such. However, unfairness is given to anonymous posts. At the discretion of the administrators, such posts and responses can be deleted without warning. Such posts can be deleted because they are numerous, worthless, or deemed to bring negative atmosphere among other reasons. Anonymous posters are not allowed to reference any website links, no matter the reason behind it; are not allowed to post or reference any picture on the guestbook or anywhere else on the site.

4) Never put down personal information of others (especially phone number and snail mail address) on the site, whether as a general post or in response to someone else?s inquiries. You can email such information to the inquirer, but do not publish such on the public domain of GSSO.NET. By the same token, every individual is strongly encouraged to avoid revealing their personal information on the site for public view. There are features in the site (IM and PM) for giving other user(s) such information although this is left at the discretion of the user.

5) This site is created to encourage networking among alumni of GSSO and friends of such. Do not make derogatory statements about the principles of GSSO in the school?s anthem. Posts could show contempt about the school and its pupil, but not defile the school?s honor.

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Published on: 2005-05-23